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Radon Testing and Mitigation in Lebanon, PA

Radon Exposure Causes Lung Cancer! 

Having your home or commercial facility tested for extreme radon gas levels could save you and the lives of others. Radon Testing is easy, and conveniently affordable. George Strohm provides Lebanon, Palmyra and Myerstown, Pennsylvania with exceptional Radon Testing and Mitigation services.

Radon Testing

We utilize 2 types of Radon Testing systems; Active and Passive.

Active Radon Testing Devices

Active Radon Testing Devices require power to be operated. This system is typically placed in the lowest living area of a structure and continually monitors the radon gas levels. The device will be able to monitor and record radon levels in the air. Based on the results, a conclusive report will be printed out and will determine whether you are facing dangerous radon gas levels. The advantage of using continuous active monitors is the ability to provide immediate results. Continuous monitors are primarily used for short-term testing of 48-Hours.

Passive Radon Gas Testing Devices

This style of testing system is most utilized for homes and buildings that have lost power. An example of a passive system would be a charcoal canister, unlike the Active Testing system this devices is designed for an extended testing. Testing phases last generally two to ninety days.


Should your home or office building have high radon levels, we are able to get to work for you immediately. Our mitigation systems are affordable and easy to install. If you are suffering from gas exposure in your home or office it is everywhere, including outside. The key is to lower the levels of gas to a safe and manageable level.

Mitigation system installation in your home involves sealing the ground exposure in crawl spaces and basement cement. After the foundation has been sealed we install an exhaust fan which allows your air to circulate and vent.

If you have any questions about our Radon Testing or Mitigation Services and are in the Lebanon, Palmyra and Myerstown area; call us at - (717) 450-7613

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